I have been interesting in programming for quite a long time, however, I have never really properly become a programmer, I don’t think – I refer to what I do as coding instead. I may have look at some more serious hacking/programming over the summer. I believe that my programming learning experience has been hampered, at least in part, by proprietary software.

Languages that I am relatively familiar with, listed (roughly) in order of how well I know them:

  • PHP, the language I know best from building dynamic websites
  • Java, writen over a thousand lines of code, but that was a while ago
  • Javascript, doesn’t really count, but that is what I started with (okay, I lie, I actually started with BASIC, but I can’t even remember any of that)
  • C/C++, I can code in, but I seem to screw stuff up a lot
  • Bash, I know enough to operate the command line well, and hack together basic scripts
  • Python, only just learning

I also understand HTML and a certain amount of SQL, but whether those are programming languages if open to question.

Below is an incomplete lists of things I have coded. I will also post some small things, including mods and hacks, under the category My Code. Older things are at the top, newer things are at the bottom. All the following are released under the GPL v3.

Older web pages and some simple web-based games can be seen in my archive.

I also coded a very simple and barebones IRC chatbot written in C. However, I have several different copies and I’m not sure which is current. Even if  I were to sort this out, the bot itself is not very good. If someone does want a look at it for educational purposes*  leave a comment and I’ll sort it out. (No guarantees that it will compile though :/)
* I say educational purposes, not because I want to stop commercial use (to do so would be against my ethics), but because you would have to be stupid to use my code over one of the well established libraries 😀