So, I’ve done a couple of interesting code related thing recently. I’ve created a reaction tester which someone was asking for on the schoolforge mailing list. You can try it, or if you really want to download it. If anyone else finds it useful, uses it for anything, can think of any (not too difficult) improvements then I would love to know.

In other news, I tried to slim down my mediawiki installation (used mainly for ADFA wiki) by removing language files, but seemed to get an error:

Warning: preg_match() [function.preg-match]: Empty regular expression in /path/to/wiki/includes/Linker.php on line 1259

Turns out the error was unrealted, and I got rid of it simply by clearing the cache DOH (add &cached=no to the end of the url). I’m not sure what was causing that though. Its supprising though, after actually deleting the unwanted language files, I managed to free up 19M of disk space. Quite a bonus when my account only has 50M of space! The moral of the story is, check something is working before trying to improve it.