I’ve not posted for a couple of weeks (the Easter break). I was away on holiday for one week, and the other week has been spend doing homework and decorating, but also working on my new pet project – ADFA.

ADFA, which stands for Audenshaw Digital Freedom Association, is my attempt to start raising awareness of Digital Freedom issues in my local community (mainly my school). These are going to be issues like the problems of DRM, the concept of sofwtare liberty and the idea that copying is not theft.

Over the break, I have built a website listing the different projects that the association would pursue and also, an explanation of our (read my) views on each of the issues. (Although there doesn’t seem as much stuff on their as I’d thought I’d written). Hopefully this will be a useful resource for anyone who I talk to who is interested and also a good way for us to work out what direction we are going in.

I have no idea whether this project is going to suceed or not. Even if it doesn’t I have a nice resource of all my thoughts on the issue. However, I know I already have some supporters, so hopefully well be able to achieve this.

Wish me luck, and tell me what you think of the site and its content.