I believe that in an ideal world, we should all have freedom over our computing environment. And, I want to work to help achieve this dream.

However, I don’t feel like I’ve done much recently to further the causes of Free Software, despite that being something I want to do. Therefore, I am trying to think of ways I can do this. These fall into two basic categories

  1. Helping improve software in the Free Software Community
  2. Helping with existing efforts to raise awareness of Free Software generally
  3. Helping raise awareness of Freedomware in my local community

Although the first is something I’d like to do, perhaps starting off by alpha/beta testing Ubuntu Hardy (watch this space), I believe that for me, at this time, raising awareness is more important. This is because its not specifically Linux/Ubuntu I want to improve – Linux is not that important – instead, I want people to realise that software liberty is important (and possibly choose Linux because of that).

The second should be fairly easy to do, I just need to hang around the GGL specific Nuxified forum a bit more. In fact, one of the GNU/Linux Matters ideas particularly interests me – UndeclaredRight.Info – but it doesn’t seem to have got anywhere yet. Perhaps I could be the person to get it started.

Libervis also seems like something I want to become more part of, but its more a group for discussing these issue rather than advocating them. And, I’m already a regular participant in #libervis anyway.

However, the thing is, I’m not really sure how to go about doing the third.”Local community” probably translates to my school. Thing is though, from talking to people about Software Liberty so far, I have had a rather negative response. At best, people are interested, in agreement with some of the things, but not bothered enough to take it further themselves; at worst, I give people a bad impression of Freedomware – my “advocacy” has a negative effect if any at all.

I’m not sure how I can overcome this. Perhaps over time I’ll get better at explaining it and making it relevant? Or perhaps I need a new approach. We have a “lesson” called enrichment, where speakers come in to do talks, and our teacher has suggested that students could talk about something important to them. An ideal opportunity? Maybe, if I managed to pull it off. If I don’t, I’ll just give freedomware a bad name in the minds of a lot of young people :S

Perhaps I should start a Freedomware group? I know there’s at least one person that would join. But similar to the enrichment idea we could get a lot ridicule and our efforts might fail miserably.

In addition I’d like to get more Freedomware into schools in the UK generally, but I have no idea at all where I can start working towards that.

:S :S :S